Whoppers, McNuggets and Papa Burgers

“And lastly, the factory farming industry and its partners in crime, the fast food industry, have teamed up to engage in a massive and ongoing public relations and advertising campaign…

..The goal is to convince the public that the millions of cows, pigs and chickens which are inhumanely raised and slaughtered for the sake of Whoppers, McNuggets and Papa Burgers are just pleased as punch to be helping out their human benefactors by providing a tasty meal…

…However, oftentimes economic or political self-interest of powerful people or groups creates changes in society which can result in unexpected social or political benefit to the disadvantaged.

– The Invisible Reich (www.kennethpazder.com)

In this case, the disadvantaged are the many millions of cows that will NOT have to be slaughtered so that consumers can chow down on a plant-based Whopper at Burger King or a Beyond Meat Burger at A&W!!

And that’s a win-win-win scenario – for the animals, for the environment and the health and well-being of the consumers.

Kenneth Pazder