Social Justice for Animals

What really matters?

While owning a home, being successful, healthy and happy are all important, there are other considerations to keep in mind.

We share the planet with several MILLION other species and TRILLIONS of fish and other sea creatures.

Alarmingly, mankind has managed to destroy over half of the world’s wildlife in the last half century and all the fish in the oceans may be gone by as early as 2050.

While some have taken issue with the methodology of such reports and predictions, there is no doubt that these trends are alarming to say the least.

Are we masters of the animal kingdom (i.e. “the Master Species”) or its stewards?

Should animals have rights or quasi-rights (i.e. the right not to be killed or experimented on?)

These are some of the toughest issues to confront mankind in the 21st century –particularly as our species continues to grow at the astounding number of 150,000 EVERY DAY (now over 7.5 billion).

To feed this staggering number, the business of “factory farming” (industrial scale agriculture or agri-business) has developed causing much environmental destruction (it is also the second largest cause of greenhouse emissions), not to mention cruelty to animals.

This course of action is not sustainable for mankind.

What can we do as individuals? And will our actions matter?

For my small part, I have written a novel – The Invisible Reich about what an extraordinary ex-Special Forces soldier could do to change things.

I invite you to read it if you like the action/adventure genre and care about animals.

My hope is that the book will get readers talking about these very important issues.

Kenneth Pazder