“Clean” meat from a laboratory?

While special forces soldier, Kenneth Pearce, the protagonist of “If they could shoot back” battles factory farmers, animal experimenters and trophy hunters in an effort to level the playing field for animals, scientists and nutritionists have been busy trying to cook up a meat recipe in the laboratory from animal stem cells.

Cultured meat or 3-D printed meat would theoretically replace the slaughter of 70 billion animals a year needed to feed the 7.6 billion humans on the planet.

The claims are that such meat would be more ethical, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases and be far more efficient than factory farming live animals (i.e. meat and dairy provide 18% of protein consumed by humans but their production uses 83% of global farmland and accounts for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions).


Is Lab-Grown Food the Future? — Pros and Cons to Consider

– an excellent article which discusses the pros and cons of this “real meat” alternative. For anyone who is vegan, vegetarian or just wants to cut down on meat and dairy consumption, the article is well worth a read!

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