Follow one man’s ultimate quixotic campaign save the millions of lives of animals who live and die every day at the whim of the denizens of the Master Species known as Mankind.
Kenneth Joseph Ares Pearce, ex-special forces soldier extraordinaire discovers a war going on right under his nose.  It’s global and ubiquitous, claiming 30,000,000 casualties a day -every day, seven days a week. Despite the staggering numbers, this war remains largely invisible to the masses or should we say the Master Species who have been lead to believe that animals exist solely for their benefit -for food, clothing, medical experimentation and amusement. Worst of all it’s all it’s completely LEGAL! However, when the law of the land is immoral what should be done? Determined to bring the issue to public light, Pearce carries out a series of shock and awe military strikes on animal unfriendly targets in British Columbia, Colorado and Atlanta, quickly landing himself on the Public Enemy No. 1 list on both sides of the border. When the FBI illegally renders his beautiful ally from Vancouver, British Columbia to a super-max prison cell beneath its headquarters in Washington, DC, Pearce has less than twenty-four hours to spring her before she cracks under the bureau’s notorious enhanced interrogation techniques.


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Kenneth Pazder

Kenneth Allan Pazder is an action-adventure writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Apart from writing, Ken is founding partner of Pazder Law Corporation, a leading British Columbia law firm specializing in real estate. He is also the pioneer behind LAWNET BC, British Columbia’s only lawyer-driven, digital network for sharing and referring legal files.

He lives in White, Rock, BC with his two Afghan hounds, Rafa and Spirit and two jet-black cats, Tarot and Chi (coincidentally, the silent partners in Tarot & Chi Publishing Inc., the publishers of If They Could Shoot Back!) Connect with Kenneth on Linked in, Twitter, and Facebook. The Invisible Reich will be available on Amazon, IndieBound, and wherever books are sold.

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